Cambodian Cockfighting is the most attractive form of entertainment on the market

Cambodian cockfighting is a form of entertainment and betting familiar to Vietnamese bettors. It attracts players because of its appeal, drama and simple rules. To better understand this entertainment masterpiece, we can refer to the details in the following article by  Okvip.
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Brief introduction to Cambodian cockfighting

Simply put, this is a type of cockfighting held in large arenas in Cambodia. Most often take place in Thomo area located on the border of Vietnam and Cambodia. Unlike our country, Cambodian cockfighting is completely legal, protected by that country’s government and is a form of business for many people to make a profit.

This form is always invested extremely carefully, with attention paid to the rules of the game and the yard system. The fighting cocks participating in the tournament must always ensure their health, weight, breeding source, etc. At the same time, they also need to undergo many rigorous training sessions to ensure enough fighting standards. Thanks to this, this form of entertainment always attracts a large number of participants.

Nowadays, technology is extremely developed, online cockfighting is gradually replacing traditional cockfighting. Accordingly, you can monitor and participate in betting at online bookmakers. All you need is a device with a stable network connection to access anytime, anywhere, bringing convenience and saving time and effort.

Rules of Cambodian cockfighting that newbies need to understand

This type of entertainment is also interesting and attractive to participants because of the easy-to-understand rules, which you also need to grasp firmly to be able to determine wins and losses when participating in betting. At the same time, it helps you avoid fraud, fake results,…

  • A cockfight taking place in the Cambodian arena will end when one of the two cocks is defeated.
  • One of the two chickens strikes and the opponent cannot counterattack but lies still and will be declared a loser.
  • If one of the two animals is no longer able to fight or flee, the bet will be considered a loss.
  • An official Cambodian cockfight lasts 15 minutes and there will be a 5-minute break between rounds. There is no limit to the number of rounds, it only ends after a clear winner or loser is determined.
  • The case where a draw is declared is when the chicken handicaps twice in a match, the number of handicaps being longer than 5 minutes. Or in case both chickens stand still for 5 minutes.

Betting options for Cambodian cockfighting

Currently, online bookmakers often offer 3 options for you to learn and place bets, specifically:

  • Meron: The house’s bet on chickens, these chickens are often considered to have a higher chance of winning. However, the reward rate at this door is also low.
  • Wala: Chicken bet on the player’s side, the chance of winning is not as high but the payout is higher with Meron.
  • BDD: Betting window for cockfighting matches that result in a draw. However, it rarely happens but the odds are attractive.

The most popular types of Cambodian cockfighting

When participating in cockfighting entertainment in Cambodia, you can freely feast your eyes and place bets on many different types, the most prominent of which can be mentioned are:

Breed cockfighting, bamboo cockfighting

This is a traditional form of Cambodian cockfighting, the chickens will compete with their own strength, with relatively low lethality. If you want to predict which fighter will win, you need to rely on the fighting performance and health of the chickens participating in the battle.

Because of the high lethality, these cockfights often last quite a long time. Because of this, players also need to spend more time carefully observing matches. This way you can ensure you choose a cock with good physical strength and the most stable battle skills.

Cockfighting with knife spurs, cockfighting with iron spurs

For fans, this exciting and dramatic form of cockfighting is no stranger. Accordingly, when fighting cocks participate in the match, they will be equipped with an additional weapon, which is a knife spur or iron spur, which brings high damage. When chickens are hit, their skin can be torn off, their wings broken or their internal organs punctured, making it difficult to recover and even leading to death.

Because of this, the competition time for this form of Cambodian cockfighting is relatively short. Not only that, it also gives the chickens exciting, dramatic and thrilling matches. In particular, this also gives us time to bet on more matches in a day.

So above is some information about Cambodian cockfighting that we want to share with readers. Fellow cockfighters can refer to it and if there is a need, please access it immediately  Okvip To experience dramatic and exciting battles.

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