Hengli’s MEG Ethylene Glycol: Superior Quality for Various Industrial Uses

Hengli’s MEG ethylene glycol is a colorless and odorless liquid used in various industrial processes as a solvent and heat transfer fluid. With its superior performance and high-quality standards, Hengli guarantees reliable and optimal performance for diverse industrial uses.

Introduction of Hengli’s MEG Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol is widely used in industries such as antifreeze, polyester fibers, resin, and plasticizers, to name a few. Its low vapor pressure and high boiling point make it a suitable heat transfer fluid for air conditioning systems, solar power plants, and refrigeration. In addition, it is used in hydraulic fluids, adhesives, and drilling fluid additives due to its soluble nature in water and excellent lubrication properties.

Hengli’s MEG Ethylene Glycol, manufactured using ultra-high activity catalysts and precise polymer formulations, ensures high-quality and stable performance for all industrial processes. With strict quality control measures and advanced manufacturing technology, Hengli provides a consistently pure and stable MEG ethylene glycol that facilitates the smooth functioning and longevity of industrial equipment.


Hengli’s MEG Ethylene Glycol offers superior performance, ensuring optimal functioning and longevity in various industrial applications. With its stable and consistent quality and reliable performance facilitated by Hengli’s advanced manufacturing technology, Hengli’s MEG ethylene glycol is an ideal solution for industries looking for a cost-effective and high-quality industrial liquid.

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