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Unleashing Performance and Durability in Open-Pit Mining with Techking ADT Tires

In the realm of open-pit mining, where heavy-duty machinery operates in harsh and demanding conditions, the right tire choice is crucial for maximizing performance and minimizing downtime. Techking, a renowned tire manufacturer, presents the PROADT tire, specifically designed for Articulated Dump Trucks (ADTs) used in open-pit mining operations. This article delves into the exceptional features and benefits of Techking’s ADT tire, showcasing its longer service life, enhanced sidewall protection, and performance guarantees that ensure optimal productivity in the mining industry.

Enhanced Sidewall Protection

Techking understands the importance of sidewall durability in off-road applications like open-pit mining. The PROADT tire incorporates an anti-crack sidewall compound, offering higher resistance to aging and reducing the occurrence of sidewall cracks. The specialized compound provides enhanced protection against impacts, cuts, and abrasions, ensuring the tire can withstand the rugged conditions of mining sites. By reducing sidewall damage, the PROADT tire minimizes the risk of sudden tire failure, improving safety and operational continuity.

Performance Guarantee

Techking stands behind the quality and performance of the PROADT tire, offering a performance guarantee to mining operators. The tire undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure it meets the demanding requirements of open-pit mining operations. The performance guarantee provides peace of mind to operators, assuring them of the tire’s ability to withstand the rigorous demands of heavy loads, extreme terrains, and challenging working conditions.

Optimized Design for Mining Application

The PROADT tire features an arc groove design, which plays a vital role in preventing groove cracks. This innovative design reduces the risk of cracks caused by sharp rocks, impacts, and uneven surfaces commonly found in mining environments. The arc groove design enhances the tire’s longevity and performance, ensuring consistent traction and stability throughout its service life.  Its characteristics are stable even in the difficult conditions of surface mining.


Techking’s PROADT tire stands as a testament to the tire manufacturer’s dedication to developing innovative solutions for ADT tires in the mining industry. By choosing Techking’s ADT tires, operators can enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and improve safety, ultimately maximizing the efficiency of their open-pit mining operations.

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