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3 Best Marketing Channels to Market Online Courses

Knowing how to market your online course is one of the most important aspects of creating a course. Your marketing efforts will mainly involve digital assets that allow you to build an email database. Below are the top three marketing channels to promote your course.

All Channels Use Your Lead Magnet

Whatever channel you choose, the key to marketing an online course is to create a lead magnet. You offer this to potential clients in return for their email addresses. This could be an eBook, webinar access or a masterclass.

Because your ultimate goal in marketing is to collect email addresses. This allows you to have complete control of your email list, without worrying about algorithms or social media changes. You can also continue to market to the lead as long as you wish.


Searchable assets are the first way to market your online course. Your lead magnet should be included in the searchable asset. This will ensure that anyone who views your asset also sees the lead magnet. They will find it fascinating and may even give you their email address. Searchable assets are great because they can be found anywhere, and they never go away.


YouTube is the best channel to search for a searchable asset. You can upload videos once per week and build a large list of searchable content. This will attract attention. Next, add the lead magnet to your video description. It is important to include it in the first line. People don’t need to read the description to see it.


Blogs can be used as searchable assets. These blogs will benefit from SEO to be found in search results. When people visit your blog, they’ll see your lead magnet.


Social assets aren’t searchable and aren’t always available. This is the biggest difference between searchable and social assets. While some social assets can be searched, not all of them are. Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok are great social asset options. TikTok can be used as a searchable asset and social asset.

Your social asset is like a social following on these social media platforms. Regular posts and engagement are key to building a following. Include a link in your bio to your lead magnet. Do not link to your homepage, but to your lead magnet.


Paid ads are your final channel to promote your online course. Make sure you link your paid ads to the lead magnet and not your sales team. Keep in mind that the goal of your paid ads is to get leads’ email addresses.

Paid ads are essential, but they shouldn’t be your main focus. Social media and searchable assets are the best way to market online courses. These ads can be used to complement these products.

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Marketing an online course involves creating social and searchable assets, and using paid advertising. These should all direct people to a lead- magnet so that you can collect email addresses. Email addresses are a great way to ensure your marketing is not dependent on one platform.

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