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A 24-Hour Timer and Photocell Light Sensor from BN-LINK Can Improve Your Outside Lighting

The BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Timer Remote operate With Photocell Light Sensor will improve the way you operate your outdoor lighting. This innovative outdoor timer features a 6-inch cord and 2 grounded outlets, providing versatility and convenience for managing your outdoor lights. With remote signals capable of traveling through walls up to 100 feet thick, this photoelectric outdoor timer offers advanced functionality for your outdoor lighting needs.

Convenient Cords and Outlets

The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer boasts a 6-inch cord and 2 grounded outlets, making it a reliable solution for outdoor lighting setups. With this design, you can easily connect multiple devices and efficiently control the timing of your outdoor lights, enhancing both functionality and practicality in your outdoor space.

Smart Remote Control Capability

Utilize the remote control feature of the BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Timer for seamless operation of your outdoor lights. With signals that can penetrate walls up to 100 feet thick, this outdoor timer ensures that you can conveniently adjust your lighting settings from a distance, offering both flexibility and ease of use for your outdoor lighting setup.

Efficient Automated Settings

Experience enhanced convenience with the automatic and repeating settings of the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually controlling your outdoor lights – simply set your desired schedule and let the timer handle the rest. Whether you want your porch light to turn on at dusk or your holiday lights to brighten up the night, this outdoor timer ensures a worry-free and efficient lighting experience.


Elevate your outdoor lighting efficiency and convenience with the BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Timer Remote Control With Photocell Light Sensor. This smart outdoor timer provides automatic and repeating settings to streamline your outdoor lighting management. With features like a 6-inch cord, 2 grounded outlets, and remote control capabilities that can transmit signals through walls up to 100 feet thick, the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer is the ideal choice for optimizing your outdoor lighting control. Invest in the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer to simplify your outdoor lighting routines and create a well-lit outdoor space with ease.

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