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EV Charging Station Advertising in Canada

Electric vehicle (EV) charging station advertising is an effective way to reach a growing market of environmentally conscious consumers in Canada. With the increasing popularity of EVs, businesses have recognized the potential for advertising their products and services at these charging stations.

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The Benefits of EV Charging Station Advertising

Advertising at EV charging stations allows businesses to target a specific audience that is actively engaged with sustainable practices. It provides an opportunity to showcase eco-friendly products or services, aligning your brand with environmental responsibility. Additionally, it offers high visibility as EV owners spend time waiting for their vehicles to charge.

EVB: Portable and Convenient Charging Solution

The EVB Portable EV Charger is a versatile solution for powering electric cars on-the-go. This plug-and-play device can be easily carried and used anywhere there’s access to a power outlet. Its convenience makes it ideal for travelers or those who don’t have regular access to dedicated charging stations.

Charging Products Available in Canada

In Canada, there are various types of charging stations available:

  • Floor-Mounted 2 Guns DC EV Charger: This charger provides power from 60kW to 262kW and supports CCS1, CCS2, and optional CHAdeMO connectors.
  • 22kW Type 2 AC Charging Station: A wall- or pole-mounted AC charger compatible with Type 2 cables. It operates in both single-phase or three-phase modes at different voltage levels.
  • Portable+Wall-mounted 2-in-1 Charger: The portable EVB charger can also be mounted on walls when not being used on-the-go. It offers flexibility and ease-of-use for electric car owners.
  • Floor-Mounted Split DC EV Charger: This charger provides power from 82kW to 262kW and supports multiple connectors, including CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and optional AC connections.
  • Wall-mounted DC EV Charger: With a power range of 20kW to 40kW, this IP54-rated charger is suitable for smaller charging locations or areas with limited space.

The Growing Importance of EV Charging Station Advertising in Canada

As the adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise in Canada, so does the importance of advertising at charging stations. Businesses can leverage this opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability while reaching an engaged audience. By strategically placing advertisements at these stations, companies can effectively promote their products or services and contribute towards building a greener future.

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