Everything you wanted to know about solar kit

What are the top questions to ask when buying a photovoltaic kit? This article will address many questions to help you make a decision when it comes to solar energy betting.

A 60-cell solar panel should always have an MPPT charger.

An MPPT sun regulator is required to connect grid connection panels between 200W and 270W for 24V to 48V installations. The regulator allows us connect the panels in series. This increases the panel voltage (results of the voltages of each panel) above that of the battery voltage. It also charges the batteries. The MPPT regulator modifies the voltage to achieve this goal, as well as increasing the energy generation of photovoltaic systems without increasing intensity. A branch of panels connected in series has the same intensity as a single panel.

More batteries means a better installation.

The relationship between solar panels & batteries must be proportional. If the combined power of both the panels is greater than the capacity of the batteries, the battery charge will take more time and the battery’s useful life will be shorter. .

Can a charge controller be used with solar batteries?

They are chosen based on the type of battery used and the loads to which they will be connected. The charge curve of the battery is important. It determines whether it can equalize, program absorption voltages, and so on. We must remember that current peaks can occur when motor starting is involved. MPPT regulators should be installed.

Are batteries capable of storing memories?

The deep-cycle marine batteries don’t have a memory effect. However, they can leak and lose capacity if not charged properly. The sulfation results in a reversible loss of capacity if the proper charging media is used.

Is it possible to add another battery bank in parallel to increase capacity?

The battery bank cannot be expanded. If used batteries are mixed with new ones, it may cause an imbalance due to different internal resistances. It is recommended that you replace the entire bank with one that provides more voltage. Also, make sure to check the compatibility of the other elements of your photovoltaic system.

Are batteries able to be recharged after their useful life ends?

Only sulfation can be recovered by regeneration. The active matter will not be returned to the grid if the battery has become faulty due to its expiration of its life cycles. Batteries that have been stored for a prolonged time, batteries that were badly charged, and other cases are not possible to recover.

Is it possible to use multiple charge regulators with different plates for the same battery?

Although it is not recommended, multiple regulators can be placed in one installation to allow for panels with different electrical characteristics and powers. Panels from previous installations can also be reused. It is important to set the same load parameters for all regulators. Also, ensure that the wires are the same length and section so they can read the same voltage.

Can I disconnect the regulator from my home for seasonal use?

The regulator is used to keep the batteries at floating voltage. If we disconnect the batteries from this system, they will self-discharge. Upon our return, the battery will either be discharged or sulfated.

Is it legal for a solar panel and battery installation to charge the state?

It is legal and there is no cost for isolated houses that have batteries. We must comply with all low voltage regulations regarding the installation and the materials that are used, as long as electricity is not sold to other homes.

Can there be solar panels that generate energy at night?

Yes, the plates can provide some voltage on full moon nights but there won’t be any current intensity or energy.

Can solar panels be used to generate power even on cloudy days?

Yes, even in cloudy conditions or with diffuse radiation, the small panels can receive irradiation. Even if it doesn’t produce 100% of its power we can still have between 10-20% production, compared to a sunny, sunny day.

5 Tips before you buy solar panels

Solar energy can be installed in any home or business. The only requirement is that there be enough space to place the panels.

  1. It is important to understand your goals and needs.

These are the main reasons solar panels should be installed.

  • You can save money on your electricity bill.
  • You can disconnect from the electric network.
  • You can also bring power to an isolated location.

You can choose from one of the following types of installations, depending on your purpose or need. The facilities can be divided into the following categories:

  • Internet connection
  • Isolated
  • Or hybrid

This will allow you to determine if you require batteries.

  1. Be specific about the consumption that you must supply

This means that you need to be aware of the energy requirements for your home and company. It is a good idea to check how many kW you use if you have an electric bill.

You will need to list the appliances and electrical devices you use if you don’t have an invoice.

  1. Dimension the installation correctly.

There are many factors that affect the number of solar panels installed. These include the space available and the energy consumption of the house or business. You can actually estimate the number of solar panels that you will need by using the calculator.

It is important to consult a professional who can help you determine the best way to proceed. They will consider your budget, available space, type of energy consumed, and production curve.

We can save up to 20% by correctly sizing our installation

  1. Think about the future.

A solar installation’s components have a long life expectancy. For example, a panel can last 25 years. We want it to be useful today and for many years.

We recommend planning for if your home’s consumption is going to rise in a short time. This could be because you have more children, purchase more electrical appliances, or decide to install air conditioning.

All these changes ultimately increase our energy consumption, so it is worth considering this when you are looking at our photovoltaic installations.

  1. Be aware of the location, orientation, and inclination for the panels

It is important to place the panels in a clear area.

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