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Hermetix’s Advanced Engineering Unlocks glass to metal Sealing Potential

Hermetix, a Shanghai-based hermetic packaging distributor, offers high-quality goods and customized engineering services. Our innovative glass to metal sealing process and decades of experience allow us to manage the most challenging tasks.

Why do high-performance hermetic containers require glass to metal sealing?

Hermetic packaging depend on the glass to metal sealing process. This method creates strong, reliable seals that resist moisture and impurities. Our engineers have perfected this procedure to give our clients the best hermetic packages.

How Hermetix’s partnerships assure high-quality glass to metal sealing

Hermetix values teamwork. Our strong agreements with top local manufacturers allow us to offer a wide range of open tooling items to our clients. Our engineers and collaborations allow us to provide responsive and tailored support for unique projects. We choose the best manufacturer for each project to guarantee high-quality glass to metal sealing and cost-effective production.

Hermetix’s various glass to metal sealing applications

The glass to metal sealin is applied across industries. Hermetix serves opto-electronics, defense, and aerospace clients. Our broad product line, from MIL-compliant to civilian-standard, meets the needs of our B-end clients, including agents and dealers.


Finally, Hermetix is your hermetic packaging partner. Our sophisticated glass to metal sealing process, engineering experience, and solid manufacturing alliances provide high-performance solutions for today’s demanding industries. Hermetix offers a significant market and sales potential as well as extensive knowledge and experience. Let us assist you maximize your initiatives and grow your business.

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