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Redefining Dental Prosthetics: The Innovation Behind De Corematrix®3D Pro Blocks

De Corematrix®3D Pro blocks have marked a transformative leap in the domain of zirconia ceramic teeth. These blocks, founded on bio-inspired technology, introduce a revolutionary approach by amalgamating layers of gradient combined strength, transparency, and shades to achieve an astounding 3D multilayer zirconia effect.

The Art of Layering: Bio-Inspired Technology in De Corematrix®3D Pro Blocks

The innovation within De Corematrix®3D Pro blocks lies in their intricate layering. Beginning with the incisal layer exhibiting 49% translucency and a strength of 600Mpa, these blocks progress through successive transition layers, each meticulously designed with varying degrees of translucency and strength. This strategic layering not only enhances the visual allure of the ceramic teeth but also fortifies them with resilience and longevity.

Customization Beyond Limits: VITA16 Color Options and Compatibility

De Corematrix®3D Pro blocks offer an expansive range of customization options. Featuring VITA16 color selections, including bleached white (BL1-BL4, 0M1-0M3), these blocks cater to diverse patient preferences, ensuring a personalized touch. Moreover, their compatibility with leading systems like Wieland, Amann, Zirkon, Sirona, and other customization platforms amplifies their versatility, empowering dental professionals to choose equipment that seamlessly integrates with their practice.

Adaptable and Precise: Thickness Options and Clinical Versatility

With thickness options spanning from 10 to 25mm, De Corematrix®3D Pro blocks adapt effortlessly to various clinical requirements. This adaptability, combined with the advanced technology embedded within each layer, positions these blocks as the ideal choice for dental practitioners aiming for excellence in restorative dentistry.

Conclusion: The Promise of Innovation and Excellence

In conclusion, De Corematrix®3D Pro blocks represent a pinnacle of innovation in zirconia ceramic teeth. Their meticulous layering, driven by bio-inspired technology, coupled with compatibility with leading systems and an extensive range of customization options, positions them as the premier choice for dental professionals seeking superior quality and aesthetics in their practice.

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