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Shenling’s International Recognition: Certificates and Standards

Step into the global arena of HVAC excellence with Shenling, a powerhouse recognized for its international standards. Certifications such as CE, Keymark, MCS, ROHS, TUV, and ERP underscore Shenling‘s unwavering commitment to quality. Adhering to the EN14511 standard, Shenling ensures not only compliance but also reliability and high-performance standards that transform HVAC systems worldwide.

Beyond Products: Shenling’s Integrated HVAC Solutions

Shenling’s influence extends beyond products, encompassing a holistic approach to HVAC solutions. Uncover the depth of Shenling’s services, from initial consultation and innovative design to cutting-edge R&D. The implementation phase, coupled with intelligent control and IoT operation, reflects Shenling’s dedication to providing end-to-end integrated solutions for HVAC systems on a global scale.

Shenling’s 20+ Years Legacy: A Trusted HVAC Partner

Experience the legacy of Shenling as a trusted HVAC partner, built over two decades of excellence. Shenling’s extensive experience and reputation in the industry make it the go-to choice for reliable HVAC solutions. The accumulated expertise positions Shenling as an adept provider capable of meeting diverse global HVAC needs, ensuring clients receive unparalleled service and solutions tailored to their unique requirements.


As Shenling continues to redefine the global HVAC landscape, its legacy as a reliable, innovative, and internationally recognized HVAC partner solidifies, promising a future of transformative solutions for clients worldwide.

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