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SZJ Automation’s Advanced Automated Assembly Equipment

SZJ Automation offers a range of high-quality solutions designed to enhance production efficiency. With a commitment to excellence, SZJ Automation empowers businesses to achieve streamlined operations while meeting industry demands.

Efficient Unpacking and Inspection with Cell Loading Machines

SZJ Automation’s automated assembly equipment includes advanced Cell Loading Machines. These machines are specifically designed for the automatic unpacking of cell incoming materials. Equipped with a function for detecting the diameter of standard gauges and conducting full inspections of cell diameters, they are accurate and reliable performance. With the ability to detect core outer diameter with a false judgment rate of ≤ 0.1%, businesses can trust in the precision of SZJ Automation’s equipment.

Zero Leakage and Enhanced Quality Control

SZJ Automation’s automated assembly equipment prioritizes quality control and reliability. The Cell Loading Machines are equipped with leakage detection capabilities, ensuring that each component meets the highest standards. With a leakage detection rate of 0%, businesses can have confidence in the integrity of their products. This meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality contribute to enhanced customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Incorporating SZJ Automation’s automated assembly equipment is essential for streamlining production and ensuring high-quality output.


SZJ Automation’s advanced automated assembly equipment revolutionizes manufacturing processes by offering efficient unpacking, precise inspections, and zero leakage. The Cell Loading Machines, with their accurate diameter detection and full inspection capabilities, are reliable performance and enhanced quality control. By integrating SZJ Automation’s equipment, businesses can achieve streamlined operations, meet industry demands, and deliver superior products.

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