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Unveiling the Effectiveness of Suspended Heat Exchanger for Defrosting in Shenling EVI Series Heat Pumps

Heat pump defrosting is essential for cold weather performance. Shenling’s EVI Series heat pumps suspend the heat exchanger from the bottom tray, revolutionizing defrosting design. This blog will explain why Shenling EVI Series heat pumps defrost efficiently and effectively due to this design feature.

Importance of Defrosting in Heat Pumps

In colder climates, heat pumps are prone to frost and ice buildup on the heat exchanger coils. This accumulation can hinder heat transfer and reduce the overall efficiency of the system. Proper defrosting is essential to remove this frost and ensure uninterrupted performance, maintaining optimal heating capabilities in challenging environments.

Benefits of Suspended Heat Exchanger Defrosting

Shenling’s EVI Series commercial heat pumps suspend the heat exchanger from the bottom tray during defrosting, setting them apart. This design feature works because:

Shenling EVI Series heat pumps optimize defrosting by suspending the heat exchanger from the bottom tray. Hot refrigerant melts frost and ice under heat exchanger coils during defrost cycles. This location optimizes heat transfer and frost removal, restoring heat pump performance quickly.

  1. Effective Frost Removal: The suspended heat exchanger design evenly distributes hot refrigerant to all coils. This ensures complete defrosting without ice or frost pockets. Defrosting completely improves heat transmission efficiency and reduces the chance of re-icing.
  2. Minimized Energy Loss: Heat pumps need efficient defrosting to save energy. Shenling’s EVI Series heat pumps with suspended heat exchangers shine here. Heat pumps cut defrosting time and energy use by quickly and thoroughly removing frost. Energy savings reduce operating expenses and boost system efficiency.


Shenling‘s EVI Series heat pumps’ hanging heat exchangers have revolutionized defrosting. This method improves heat transfer efficiency, frost uniformity, energy loss, and system reliability. Shenling EVI Series heat pumps work well in cold areas because to this revolutionary innovation. Shenling EVI Series heat pumps offer cutting-edge technology and effective heating in harsh winters.

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