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Advancing Precision with Benewake’s Long Distance Laser Sensor

Within the vast realm of industrial sensing, Benewake‘s TF350 is a ground-breaking long range laser sensor that is designed to deliver unmatched precision and dependability. With a formidable detection range of up to 350 meters, the TF350 is tailored for a wide array of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Its integration of advanced algorithms designed for bright light environments and adverse weather conditions like rain and fog, enhances its versatility and effectiveness in challenging scenarios.

Robust Design for Optimal Performance

The TF350 is constructed with an IP67-rated enclosure, ensuring exceptional dust and water resistance, crucial for maintaining functionality in harsh environments. The sensor’s aluminum alloy shell and infrared high-transparency glass are specifically designed to offer durability and optimal sensor protection. This high protection level, combined with its solid-state design, gives the TF350 an edge over traditional rotating mechanical radars, providing more stable performance and a longer lifespan.

Versatility Across Applications

Benewake’s long distance laser sensor supports a variety of industrial-grade communication interfaces, making it adaptable to different system requirements. The TF350’s ability to operate in multiple measurement modes allows for flexibility in deployment, addressing specific needs across various industrial applications. This adaptability is enhanced by the sensor’s capability to support user-defined configurations, allowing customers to tailor its operation to suit unique operational demands.

Enhanced Usability and Cost Effectiveness

The TF350 not only excels in performance and versatility but also in ease of installation and cost-effectiveness. It offers a high return on investment by combining advanced technical capabilities with ease of use, making it accessible for a wide range of industries. Its efficient optical system and optimized circuit design contribute to lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime, further enhancing its appeal to businesses seeking reliable long-range measurement solutions.


Benewake’s TF350 long range laser sensor is a paradigm of innovation in the field of industrial sensors. With its long detection range, robust design, and flexible application capabilities, it sets a new standard for precision and reliability in challenging environments. As industries increasingly rely on high-performance sensing solutions, the TF350 is poised to become an indispensable tool in optimizing operational efficiency and safety.

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