How to Read Football Odds Correctly for Beginners

If you are doing research How to read soccer odds To accurately decide whether to bet on the upper or lower team. The article below is okay hi888 Summary of experience from bookmaker betting experts will help you understand this issue!

How to calculate money in soccer betting?

To know clearly how much money you will receive when you win or how much money you will lose when you lose when you register an account to participate in soccer betting. You need to master the methods of calculating money based on the odds from the house. This is important because the odds are diverse, you need to master it to make the right choice.

Here are some terms on how to calculate bets in soccer:

  • Win enough: Winning amount = Bet amount x Odds offered by the house
  • Win half money: Winning amount = 1/2 x Bet amount x Odds + Initial bet amount
  • Lose enough: Bet loss = Initial bet (all lost)
  • Lose half the money: Bet loss = 1/2 x Initial bet

Instructions for reading the most detailed Asian handicap soccer betting odds

Do you know anything about Asian odds? This is a type of bet based on the odds of European bookmakers. Bookmakers in the Asian region will create handicap bets specifically for players in this region. When you choose an Asian odds, you will only have 2 options: bet on the over team or the under team. There are no bets on a draw in this type of bet.

How to read soccer odds 0 – 0

When you choose this odds, if the match ends in a 0 – 0 draw, you will receive your bet back, regardless of whether you bet on the over or under. However, if any team scores and the result is not 0 – 0, then the player will be paid based on their selection. The amount you can win or lose will be calculated by multiplying the amount you bet with the pre-determined betting odds.

How to read ¼ handicap soccer betting odds

How to read soccer odds with a ratio of 1/4 is relatively easy to understand, this ratio has not yet reached half the left. This means that if the match ends in a draw, the person betting on the over will win. However, if the match ends with a different score (not a draw), then the person who bets on the handicapped team wins.

Handicap 1/2

At this rate, the lower team will be handicapped by half compared to the upper team. However, in this type of bet, there is no concept of refund when the match ends in a draw. Here, there are only two possibilities: win or lose. If you bet on the underdog and the underdog wins, you will receive a bonus. On the contrary, if the underdog wins, you will lose the bet.

Handicap 3/4

In this way of reading soccer odds, simply one and a half goals will be the handicap. For example, if you bet on a match between Barca and Real and the final score is 1 – 0. The player who bets on Barca will receive half of the original bet in addition to the winnings. Players who bet on Real will lose half of their original bet.
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To achieve a complete victory, Barca needs to beat Real with a difference of 2 goals or more. In this case, the person who bets on the Barca team will receive the entire bonus amount. Those who bet on the Real team will lose the entire bet amount.

How to read handicap ratio 1.25

How to read this soccer bet is as follows: the person who bets on the favorite team will lose half of the bet if the score difference is only 1 goal. Of course, you will receive the full bet amount if the difference is 2 goals or more.

Handicap 1.5

When you play at odds of 1.5, the upper team will handicap the lower team by one and a half goals. If the score ends in a draw or 1 – 0, the bettor on the favorite team will lose the entire bet amount. On the contrary, if the favorite team wins with a difference of at least 2 goals, the person who bets on the favorite team will receive a prize.

Besides the above ratios, there are many other types of ratios such as 2 – 2 or 1.75. You can learn more about them depending on the bookmaker after you have basic knowledge of how to calculate betting odds.


Through the above article, you can see that reading Asian football odds is not too complicated, right? Hope everyone, after reading the article, can make a smart decision about choosing the upper or lower bet. If you want, please register to participate in a professional and reputable soccer betting experience at Hi88.

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