Mindray’s Innovative AED for Workplaces

The most frequent conditions that cause cardiac arrest are ventricular fibrillation and pulseless ventricular tachycardia, both of which are deadly and pose a serious risk to people’s lives. Mindray has a long history in the field and produces reliable AED equipment. They are a cutting-edge supplier of AEDs for workplaces.

The significance of prompt resuscitation for cardiac arrest patients

Our body’s “central pump” for blood circulation is the heart. The average adult’s heart beats 60 to 80 times per minute and can pump nearly 5 liters of blood every minute, even though it is just the size of a fist. The body’s tissues and organs can’t exchange materials with the blood if the heart stops beating. When waste is not eliminated, the cells in the tissues and organs become necrotic because they lack oxygen and nutrition. Once blood and oxygen are denied for a long enough period, permanent damage will occur, especially to brain cells requiring the highest blood supply.

Reasons to select AEDs from Mindray.

The AED for workplaces from Mindray is not only of excellent quality but also quite well-designed. Its humanized design, color display, and collaboration with high-precision sensors enable it to automatically identify arrhythmias and respond to voice commands, efficiently defibrillating all sorts of critical patients in a brief amount of time.

The AED from Mindray provides a thorough education on the first aid procedure. This will ensure that its products are widely used. During use, if the patient does not regain a normal heartbeat after the initial discharge, the equipment will automatically determine again after two minutes whether a discharge is needed, during which CPR is to continue. Before use, there are spoken and multimedia lessons for quick guidance. The AED itself performs all of these tasks.

Visit Mindray‘s official website for more information about their AEDs for workplaces.

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