The way to calculate the card value of Binh Xap Xam is simple and most accurate

Surely those of you who have a passion for the sport of gray combat are no strangers to you How to calculate the cost of Binh cards. However, new players entering the casino are still not familiar with the counting rules. So how to calculate the cost of the Binh card? Please follow my article immediately New88.com casino below.

Rules on how to calculate the card value of Gray Xap Xam

The gray chess game with interesting rules and attractive rewards has attracted many gamers. For this game, there will be 3 hands and require players to arrange cards accordingly to get a winning ratio of 2:1 or 3:0. As a rule, if a player wins all 3 hands, the amount received will be multiplied by 6 times.

WithHow to calculate the cost of Binh cards In this case, when a player wins from all 3 houses, it will be multiplied 4 times and each house has 12 hands. In the end, the total number of payouts the player receives from a win will be 36 payouts. If calculated into the amount of prize money, this is a quite attractive number, so the Gray War game always attracts thousands of players.

Rules when calculating chi in Binh Xam gray

In order to become a good Binh player, you must not forget that you must understand it clearly How to calculate the cost of Binh cards. Specifically, the basic rules for calculating expenses are as follows:

  • Considering wins and losses: With this calculation method, the house will often compare the first and last payouts to give accurate results. For losing branches, the winner will receive money from that and the amount will be doubled for the member with the loss.
  • Overriding law: How to calculate the cost of Binh cards Maybe according to the overriding law, specifically, the system will provide a conversion formula and all members will rely on this to calculate their expenses.

Instructions on how to calculate expenses in the card game Binh Xam most accurately

To calculate the standard and simplest cards, please refer now How to calculate the cost of Binh cards down here:

Calculate overhead costs

For rules How to calculate the cost of Binh cards According to the overriding cost, please apply as follows:

  • If the Ace card has Sam in the first hand, the winner will receive 12 hands.
  • If a set of four Aces appears in the row, the winner will receive 16 hands.
  • For players who have “Citadel” and destroy the upper hall, they will receive an additional 10 points.
  • For players who have Perforation and can destroy the lower hall, they will receive an additional 7 points.

In cases involving Aces, the player applies the above calculation method

Gray Xap is a game with very diverse gameplay, so players will have to combine different calculation methods to bring themselves an advantage. If the hand has an Ace, the calculation will be more complicated because this is the largest card. For this case, there will be additional strings such as: Upper hall breach, Lower hall breach.

So, to have How to calculate the cost of Binh cards When you have an Ace of Aces, you should apply the following principles:
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  • If the player does not have an Ace in the deck, 4 hands will be deducted.
  • If there are 2 Aces, 4 hands will be added and if there are 3 Aces, 8 hands will be added.
  • In case the player has 4 aces, he will win all 16 (hands) and multiply by 3 houses to get 48 hands.
  • If there are 3 Aces and create Sam Co chi, the winner will receive 12 chi multiplied by 3 houses and add 8 Sam chi chi for a total of 44 chi.

How to calculate chi in Binh Xam Gray in special cases

For  How to calculate the cost of Binh cards There are some special cases that players need to keep in mind when calculating expenses as follows:

  • The player wins 4 hands from all houses when there is a four of a kind in the last hand.
  • The player wins 4 limbs of all houses when there is a four of a kind in the middle limb.
  • If Sam Co appears in the first limb, she will be able to eat 3 limbs.
  • If there is a flush box on the last hand, the player gets 5 hands.
  • If a straight box appears in the middle, the player will win 10 hands.
  • If the player has Cu Flood located in the keep branch, he will be able to win 2 limbs from each house.
  • If three halls appear, the winner will take the player’s 6 limbs.
  • In case the card has three flushes, the winner wins 6 hands from all 3 houses.

In short, the rules of playing Xam Xam are not complicated, but so that you can calculate them easily, please refer to them immediately. How to calculate the cost of Binh cards above. Gray fighting is exactly an interesting subject and has a high prize value, so you should not miss it.

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