What is the clean sheet bet and what are the correct rules of the game?

What is the clean sheet bet? This is a quite interesting type of bet and can be profitable if players know how to analyze and choose the right betting team. However, New88 Note that this is a type of bet that involves a certain amount of luck, so players should manage their betting capital effectively to avoid losses.
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What is the odds of keeping a clean sheet?

Clean sheet odds, also known as no goals conceded odds, are a popular type of bet in soccer, where players predict which team will keep a clean sheet throughout the match. This bet is not related to the score or which team wins, but only focuses on the defensive performance of a specific team.

Clean sheet betting rules

  • The bookmaker will give a payout rate for each team that keeps a clean sheet.
  • Players choose the team they predict will not concede a goal in the match.
  • If the prediction is correct, the player wins the bet and receives a reward according to the selected rate.
  • If the prediction is wrong, the player loses the bet and loses money.

Example of a match between the Vietnamese team and the Chinese team:

  • The bookmaker gives the odds: Vietnam keeps a clean sheet (1.50), China keeps a clean sheet (2.00).
  • You bet 10,000 VND for Vietnam to keep a clean sheet:
    • If Vietnam keeps a clean sheet: You win the bet and receive 15,000 VND (10,000 x 1.50).
    • If Vietnam concedes: You lose the bet and lose 10,000 VND.
  • You bet 10,000 VND for China to keep a clean sheet:
    • If China keeps a clean sheet: You win the bet and receive 20,000 VND (10,000 x 2.00).
    • If China concedes: You lose the bet and lose 10,000 VND.

What is the experience of keeping a clean sheet?

The clean sheet bet is a popular type of soccer betting bet, attracting many players because of its simplicity and high chance of winning. However, to increase the success rate when register Participating in this bet, players need to accumulate useful experience. Here are some shares:
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Analyze the performance of each participating team

  • Research the competition history of the two teams, especially the defense ability in recent matches.
  • Look at the statistics on the average number of goals conceded per match for each team.
  • Evaluate the impact of factors such as home field, away field, playing force, tactics, etc.

Choose a team with a solid defense

  • Priority is given to teams with a good clean sheet history, experienced defenders and a well-organized defense system.
  • Avoid choosing teams that are in poor form, have many changes in personnel, or are playing away from home with difficulty.
  • Consider the team’s recent defensive form, especially the number of clean sheets, average goals conceded per match, home/away records, etc.
  • Analyze the performance of each position in the defense, such as centre-back, full-back, goalkeeper.
  • Pay attention to factors such as playing force, tactics, coaches, etc. because these factors can directly affect the team’s defensive performance.

Refer to odds from many different bookmakers

  • Compare clean sheet odds from reputable bookmakers to find the best bet.
  • Pay attention to the fluctuations in odds before the match and during the match to make appropriate betting decisions.

Manage betting capital appropriately

  • Splitting your betting capital into multiple matches will be better than putting it all into one match.
  • Set a maximum allowable loss and be disciplined.
  • Don’t rush to withdraw when you lose a bet, stay calm and analyze carefully before placing the next bet.

Update football news

  • Follow news related to participating teams, especially injuries, lineup changes, etc.
  • Stay informed about factors that can affect match results, such as weather conditions, stadiums, referees, and more.
  • Access reputable domestic football websites such as VnExpress, Bongda24h, Goal, Zing Sport, VTV Go, etc. to update general news about Vietnamese and international football.
  • Refer to international football websites such as ESPN, Sky Sports, BBC Sport, Fox Sports, etc. to update detailed news about the world’s top tournaments.
  • Pay attention to transfer news, fixtures, results, expert analysis, etc. to fully grasp the information.

Play betting for fun

  • Keep a comfortable mentality when betting, don’t focus too much on winning or losing.
  • Consider this a form of entertainment instead of a way to make quick money.

In addition, players can also learn more from experienced bettors or join reputable betting forums to learn more.


In the above article, we have answered your questions about what the odds of keeping a clean sheet are. With the above information, you can place your own bets on your favorite matches. New88 wishes you success in receiving many awards.

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