What to look for in a new sewing machine

What are you looking to sew?

You don’t need a lot of stitches if you are just a general sewer and only occasionally make doll clothes for your grandkids. A basic machine can do the job. If you are like my mom who spends hours making beautiful embroidered tablecloths and placemats, pillows covers, skirts, fancy collars and quilts, then you might be able to afford a more expensive machine. You can invest a bit more to get a high-quality embroidery machine or quilting machine capable of creating the patterns and beautiful stitches you desire.

2. How often can I sew?

If you are new to sewing or not sure if it is something you will enjoy, you might be able to borrow a machine from someone you know or check out what used machines you can find in your local area. You won’t spend more if you sew only occasionally. My sewing machine is my mainstay and I depend on it for my income. I want my machine to be easy to use, reliable and durable. It is a “real work horse” that will last many years. I purchased it after I demonstrated it to my friends. That’s it.

3. What functions are required on the Sewing Machines?

And what functions should I be looking for? This will allow you to ignore machines that don’t have the features or functions you require. For more information.

4. What amount am I willing and able to spend?

This is an important question because it helps you narrow down your selection of Sewing Machines and keeps you focused on the Sewing Machines which are best for you within your price range.

After you have answered the questions, it’s time to do some research. You can search online for reviews of sewing machines (I like SewingMachinify blog for this purpose) and visit the website of the machine manufacturer. Find local sewing/knitting clubs or talk to your sewing friends. They are often happy to share their experiences and help you find a reliable dealer for your machine. These recommendations can be invaluable as you don’t want to waste half of your time trying to fix, rewind, or take your machine back to the shop.

No matter if you buy new or used, it is important to test the machine before buying. This is so you can see how elastic or noisy the machine is when it sews. Are all settings easily accessible? To specify settings, do you need to have a degree? Do you find tying bobbin strings easy or difficult? Are you able to switch between settings easily? Reputable sewing machine shops will gladly show you how it works and let you test it. Many offer free lessons with your machine.

Take your time when shopping for a sewing machine. Consider your needs and do your research. Make sure to test the machine out as much as you can. This will help you find the right sewing machine for you based on your budget.

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