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Football is the king sport loved by many bettors. Because it not only brings excitement in each match but you can also participate in betting to make money. However, when participating in betting, you need to know a few things football terminology common. To be able to easily distinguish helps in choosing the correct bet.


In football, this term means a player sneaking a shot at an opponent when there is no immediate ball dispute. This is a form condemned by experts as well as many fans. Simply put,football terminology This is a bad way to play on the football field.

Penalty shootout is a football term

Penalty shootout, also known as penalty kick, penalty kick, 11 meter kick, etc. This form will take place after 90 minutes of official time and 30 minutes of extra time when the two teams still maintain a draw.

Each football team will have 5 alternating penalty kicks to determine victory or defeat. The ball will be placed 11 meters away from the opposing team’s goal and goalkeeper. The team with the most shots will win. If after 5 kicks the score is still tied, continue kicking until one team loses.

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Scored 5 goals

This is football terminology frequently mentioned. When there are 3 consecutive goals, it is called a Hattrick. If 4 goals are scored consecutively, it is called Poker. If in a match any player has 5 consecutive goals, it will be called a Repoker. Especially will be honored by fans. However, very few cases of this appear.

Doping Test – Football term

Surely if you are a football fan, you will know what Doping is. This is a stimulant that quickly increases blood flow from the heart to throughout the body. The purpose of using this substance is to improve players’ physical strength and concentration. That’s why some athletes have used this substance to have better performance in competition.

However, this substance is a banned substance used in football or sports competitions. Because doping will greatly affect the user’s mind and nervous system. At the same time, it also loses the fairness of every match.

Doping testing will always be thorough before the players take the field. If any player uses this banned substance, he will be punished according to regulations.

Football dusted

This is it football terminology refers to non-professional soccer players. Football players are all people with stable jobs. And they participate in football just as a passion in their spare time. This helps them have fun as well as practice sports to improve their health.


The term VPF stands for The Viet Nam Professional Joint Stock Company. This is also Vietnam Professional Football Joint Stock Company. This unit specializes in organizing, managing and operating professional football tournaments in Vietnam.

When it comes to the term VFF, many football players may not know it yet. This is the acronym for Vietnam Football Federation. That is to say the Vietnam Football Federation. You may not know, the Vietnam Football Federation is a member of the Southeast Asian Football Federation (AFF). And also a member of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the World Football Federation (FIFA).

Football term Play Off

The term Play Off is also understood as a match to compete for the final spot in the next round of a sports tournament. When participating in this match, you will know which team can win the right to continue to the next round. And which team will stop in this round?

Football Pitch 

This is football terminology Next is introduced to the bettors. Football Pitch is the football field. Normally, a football field is rectangular with the length greater than the width. And will be limited by many specialized lines. After a period of change, in 2008 the English football association IFAB regulated the football field as follows: Length is 105m and width is 68m.


Football terminology Finally, what you should know is Cules. This is a name that refers to fans who love football.

Barcelona also gave its fans the name Cules. Although there is quite a bit of debate about bringing up this topic. But in the end, Barcelona fans still accepted and regularly used the name Cules. Whenever the term Cules is mentioned, everyone automatically understands that these are loyal fans of Barcelona.

The above article is from Trang Chủ New88 shared these football terminology most popular today. Through that, surely you have some understanding about playing soccer. Hopefully what has been introduced in the article will help you in your journey to conquer attractive football tournaments. Accumulate yourself as many common terms in football to increase your in-depth knowledge!

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