How to Play Tien Len in the South: How to Calculate Points, How to Block

How to play Southern card game It certainly won’t make it difficult for bettors. This is one of the simplest games with a Western deck of cards, so many people choose it for entertainment. If you want to know more about this popular product, please join  New88today.com to learn in the article below.

Basic Southern Tien Len game rules for beginners

Moving forward to play in the Southern style is considered more open than moving to the North. This game is relatively easy to play and can be started if there are 2 – 4 people participating. Each person will be dealt 13 cards and played counterclockwise.

Whoever plays all the cards in their hand first will be the winner. The remaining players will be ranked based on the unplayed cards.

This game uses the familiar 52-card deck of cards with increasing sizes from 3 to 10, J, Q, K, A, 2. When encountering two cards of the same size, people will calculate according to suit to determine. determine whether to win or lose Spades < Diamonds < Diamonds < Hearts.

Card combinations you need to know when playing Southern Tien Len

How to play Southern card gamemeans you will use larger cards and card combinations to block your opponent. If you are new, you need the knowledge to create the article link below:

  • Junk: A word used to refer to cards that cannot be combined to create any special connection. Junk cards of higher value will block lower cards.
  • Pair: Two cards of the same value, the pair larger in value or suit will block the smaller pair.
  • Straight: Three cards of consecutive value, a higher straight in suit or value can block a smaller straight.
  • Sam Co: Three cards with the same value are called Sam Co or a trio.
  • Three pairs of cards: Three pairs of cards of consecutive value, this combination can win pigs or 2 other pairs of cards of lesser value.
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same value can block a pig, a pair of pines, or a lower four of a kind.

How to play Tien Len Southern card game with blocking rules

This game has rules that cards larger in value or suit can block smaller cards. If you want to know the specific principles, you can see the article below.

The law of whiteness and purity moves forward

If you own one of the following decks of cards, you will win without having to play.

  • Dragon Hall: In case the player has a deck of 13 cards from 2 to A, he wins even if he doesn’t play.
  • Four of a kind 2: If you have 4 2 cards (four of a kind 2), you can go to white without continuing to play.
  • 5 or 6 pairs of cards: If your 12 cards have 5 or 6 pairs of cards consecutively, you win regardless of whether they are of the same suit or not.
  • 6 pairs: Any member with a deck of 6 pairs and 1 odd card can win immediately without having to play.
  • Solid color set: If there are 13 cards of the same color black or red, you can also go white.

Rules for using four quarters and chopping pigs

If you have four quarters in the South, you can cut down a pig but still have a pair of pigs cut back.

Four of a kind with the same value can bet on all 3 pairs of cards or 4 other lower cards. If the opponent has a pair of pigs, you can only use 4 pairs of pine to defeat it.
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How to play Tien Len Southern card game with four pairs of cards

Four pairs of cards can cut 1 card, 1 pair of pigs, 2 or 4 other pairs of smaller value, and four of a kind. If there are 3 pairs of cards, you need to wait for your turn to play. However, if it is 4 pairs of pine, you have the right to decide when to use it.

Regulations on sewers and rot in the South

If you own strong cards such as pig, pair of pines, or four of a kind, you must consider using them accordingly. If you still keep these cards when the game is over, you will be considered bad. At this time, players may be fined some bets, so they must pay attention to this issue.

When learning about How to play Southern card game, you will be advised to play the cards. No matter how strong your opponent is and how bad your cards are, you still have to make an effort to play your cards. If there are too many cards left at the end, the bettor will be penalized more.


Above is a detailed explanation How to play Southern card game Accurate from A – Z for beginners. This is an attractive form of entertainment that has never ceased to be popular with betting enthusiasts. Hopefully the above knowledge of  New88 will be a useful reference when entering the game.

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